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Harrison st. Studio


the Harrison st. Studio is a guest suite with outdoor covered porch for entertaining as a partner to the existing Midcentury home.  The concept was to take the cross section of the existing home and exturd it to form the volume of the new structure.  Creating a courtyard as well as providing needed screening from the neighboring property.




island farmhouse


Conceived as a contemporary agrarian structure, the island farmhouse was a collaborative endeavor with MicroStructures Inc. The client sought an efficient and small footprint home that engaged the landscape and views of Sauvie Island. Based loosely on the early 19th century dogtrot style, clean lines and simple form work to separate the more public functions from the private.




TOSH (This Old Shit Hole)


The TOSH was a labor of love yielding lessons of design/build not taught in a classroom. The hands-on experience of building was invaluable. At only 800 square feet, the approach was to keep the design simple and straightforward. An open plan, the house features a single "pod" in the center that houses the utilities, bathroom and kitchen. It opens to a private side yard and patio maximizing the engagement of both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Some of the sustainable features:

  • radiant floor heating

  • HRV fresh air system

  • tankless water heater

  • sprayfoam insulation

  • OSB flooring

  • strawboard cabinets

  • reclaimed wood for finishes 

the shed


the shed is a multi-functional out building that was created to add a variety of much needed storage, office and guest space to the TOSH.

It is a 12'x18' volume that plays off of the simple form of the existing home, resting lightly on the site between two large trees. Clad with a custom cedar rain screen system that works well with the Oregon climate.

New Orleans Concept


The New Orleans Concept house was a personal project exploring a modular design solution for homes in areas prone to flooding - similar to the lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

Manipulating a typical shotgun form, it has been elevated from the ground with a staggered floor plan.  The living space exists at 5 feet above grade and the sleeping rooms at 10 feet above grade. The upper level creates a carport and a covered area below.

Other Work


The adjacent images represent a selection of projects that Michael was the lead designer on while at MWA Architects.

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