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picnic box


picnic box is my take on the traditional picnic basket. Constructed of 3/8" x 1/2" doug fir slats, plate steel & Paracord handles with custom cutting board top and insulated cotton insert. perfect for any party in the park.

fire box


fire box is a modern box fire place to enjoy on a patio or garden space. Constructed of 3/16" plate steel left raw to weather and blacken with each season. The fire shelf is removable for easy ash clean up.


Always more designs in the works...stay tuned.

box lamp


The idea behind the box lamp was to create a simple light fixture out of a single piece of 1/16" sheet steel. Sitting on end, the lamp can illuminate a wall, or with one pancake head screw can be mounted to the wall and used as a bedside reading lamp.

dining table


Designed as a prototype for the Portland furniture show 'FIX' in 2009. Conceived as a catch all table with a solid doug fir top and custom fabricated 1/8" plate steel legs. The leaves are stored in the legs via magnets while not in use. When extra room for guests or work is needed, the leaves attach at either end and are supported by steel bar stock that extends from a routed channel in the table top. 

$20 coffee table


The challenge with the $20 coffee table was to design and build a functional, low cost and attractive table with the materials on hand at the time. This durable piece graces the living area of the TOSH.


Spar varnish over 3/4" BDX plywood

1/2" Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT)

PVC pipe caps

patio wall & bench


The patio wall & bench were designed to manage the sloping grade on the TOSH lot and to provide a defining edge to the patio space.


Custom fabricated 1/4" plate steel

2x3x1/8 steel angles

reclaimed tappered doug fir 2x framing

painted and sealed

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