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dynamic duo


Entry for a design competition to design a Play house around the theme of "Adventure".

My design was one of restraint and simplicity. Create fun and interesting spaces and utilize playful components that allow for the kids the chance to invent their own adventure and story.

  The simple and farmiliar house form is split creating two volumes that play off each other through openings and passageways.

  The "In-between" is where the fun and imagination take root.


on going...

T5 stands for Thirsty Third Thursday Think Tank and is a group Michael helped form while at MWA Architects.  T5 was conceived as a venue for individuals within an office to have a design voice, and enthusiasticlly discuss project ideas outside of work.

the group teamed up on a design competition to create a temporary community gathering space in Flint, MI. The concept was to modify the lighting in an existing parking lot in order to create a space for events and community activities.


T5 also designed and built (on a PBR budget) the interiors for an independently owned Portland bar. after collaborating on the design, several T5 members put in some hands-on labor over one weekend in order to complete the construction allowing the business to reopen the following week.

Colfax Collective


An offshoot of T5, the Colfax Collective brought together a group of artists and designers to conceive of, and build a project in the rolling wheat fields of the Palouse in Colfax, Washington.

After spending a long weekend camping on site amidst the wheat, and endless open sky, the collective spent countless hours discussing and drawing design ideas. After several iterations of these ideas, the group settled on Field Box. This is a simple four-post table and benches with canvas shades that collapse after use to form a simple object in the landscape. The collective went back the the site to manually construct the Field Box, and celebrate its completion by enjoying a meal while taking in views of the rolling wheat fields.

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